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My Thoughts on becoming an ARTIST

What is it like to be an Artist in Italy?

Art and Artist work is no joke. It takes years of practice to master it. People usually ask me that how to become an Artist? How is it like to...


In The Memory Of The Fox

As an artist, there are so many incidents that happen in the real-life that we try to portray through our paintings. There is so much passion, determination, emotions, courage, evolvement,...


Why naked women?

Telling the untold

Why naked women?

As an artist I’ve decided to break down all my limits, real or imagined.

A limit I thought I had at the beginning of my career was...


Italian Painter: Chiara Magni

Who is Chiara Magni?

Here I am!

My name is Chiara Magni, I am 31 years old and live near the beautiful Lake Garda, in Italy.

Creativity and art have always been fundamental parts...