What is the point of being an Artist if you cannot share your knowledge?

I am often asked to teach finger painting or get asked questions such as:

  • What are my tools?
  • What oils do I use?
  • How do I mix colors together?
  • How long does it take for a painting to dry?
  • How do I create my compositions?
  • And of course: how do I finger paint?
An many more...

I have therefore decided to offer workshops to my fellow artists!

Due to the limited free time I have between commitions, galleries, etc... and because I want to dedicate the right time to each artist, I can take a limited number of learners at a time.

My workshop is divided into two possible options:

# 1
A 90-minute theory lesson
Phone, WhatsApp or Skype

  • How to decide subjects?
  • How to decide the composition?
  • How to decide the color scheme?
  • What types of oil to use and how to mix them?
  • Advice on drying and varnishing
  • Basics of the color wheel
  • Any other question you may have
# 2
Practical finger painting lesson
WhatsApp or Skype

Do an actual finger-painting session with me.
You will be painting under my supervision, we will choose together one of my paintings you feel comfortable to reproduce; we will be using a small-sized canvas.

I will walk you through all the stages from the underpaint to the final finger-painted work.