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What is the difference between Art and Artwork?

A painter follows a very personal path and is generally always in the future with his head.

I notice that it is common among us painters to have much clearer...


What is an Art? And what can and can’t be considered art?

It is absolutely not up to me to say what is not art.

This is one of the most personal, subjective, and least definable topics there is.

In general, I...


Struggles of Being an Artist: Expectation VS Reality

Too often there is the idea that a painter, in the midst of mystical inspiration, puts himself in front of a canvas and with a magic wand made of unicorn...


What makes a piece of Art Valuable nowadays?

Art is one of the most subjective things there is. It has to do with emotions, with sensations, with what message we want to convey with what our instinct suggests...


How do I stay INSPIRED as an Artist?

It is typical of an artist to have the need to always be inspired. Sometimes we hear about the “artist’s block” we hear about artists who are blocked, who no...